5. May 2014

Transkaukazja – Caucasian trails in Europe


Transkaukazja is the only project that presents contemporary art from Caucasus in Europe in a unique interdisciplinary way. It takes place every two years in galleries of modern art, cinemas, theaters and cultural centers as well as in public rooms. Since its first realisation in Poland in 2004 Transkaukazja project has managed to convey contemporary art from one of the culturally richest regions of the world to a considerable audience.


Under the name “Transkaukazja – Caucasian trails in Europe”, the project was realised in 2013 in at least eight European countries, among them Poland, Austria, Czech Republic, France, United Kingdom, Sweden, Ukraine and Germany. All that was about showing, how Transkaukazja can get involved worldwide, especially in Europe, and thereby contribute new stimuli for Europe. That’s how a new Europe comes into being. Radio nEUROPA makes an important contribution to that.


Partners of Transkaukazja:


Fundacja Inna Przestrzeń (Warsaw, PL)

Kultur Aktiv (Dresden, DE)

Österreichisch-Kaukasische Gesellschaft (Vienna, AT)

S-Hacek (Prague, CZ)

Association Aye Aye V-O (Nancy, FR)

Oficina da courela accociação (Azaruja, PT)

Arts territory (London, UK)

Stockholm Fringe Fest (Stockholm, SE)

Kontora pravylo (Kiev, UA).


The project could be realized through the support the programm CULTURE of the European Union, Kulturstiftung des Freistaates Sachsen, European Cultural Foundation and the program „Wir für Sachsen“. We’d like to say thank you for the great support. Radio nEUROPA and Transkaukazja would not have been possible without it.


Official homepage: www.transkaukazja.eu

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