22. December 2014

MIGRANTS – Class struggle and lack thereof


Class struggle and lack thereof.


“We’re doing fine. We’re not like the rest of ’em thieves”.

I have never heard that sentence. Not exactly. But I have heard a thousand points of view amounting more or less to that. With Europe and USA and other rich countries becoming fortresses, with anti-immigrant positions becoming stronger everyday, it is a most unfortunate but very understandable reaction for immigrants to blame other immigrants – weaker, poorer, perceived as not as successful, not as well integrated or not as legitimate – in the same fashion they were blamed first. On the other hand one would expect people of common geographic origin to form communities and networks, to help each other or just feel compassionate for those facing diffulties. With this work I want to investigate the structures that form or do not form in different migrant communities, the kind of relationship arising spontaneously within these structures and how migrants view those perceived as “others” – other migrants, in other groups or arrived later, etc. Is this kind of hostile point of views widespread and what are its cause? Is solidarity a common practice and how is it expressed? Through photographs, videos and interview, I want to propose a portrait of migrants and what they have built, their home or workplace or community, how well they fare, and link it to their stand on migrants and migration in general in order to answer that question: are migrants class-structured and does this explain some of these defiant postures, or is there more to it?

by Sylvain Raybaud

garapon vassili


18. October 2014

Transkaukazja 2014 – in Gallery 379

TRANSKAUKAZJA 2014EXPO 379 - Transkaukazja2014

Transcaucasia … or rather “Transkaukazja”! In english is hard to pronounce, but its Polish spelling clearly indicates where this European cultural initiative started: Warsaw! It is in this important European capital that since 2007 a series of cultural projects with the same name took place, supported by several associations in various countries – concerts, exhibitions, artist residencies, which all have one goal: to raise awareness and disseminate new contemporary forms of Caucasusian culture through its artists …

This exhibition represents the apex within the multimedia project that was born in Nancy in September 2014, supported by its organizer Arman Tadevosyan and by the association Aye Aye VO. Several events took place during the International Film Festival of Nancy Lorraine: the programming of movies from the Caucasus, the concert of the Tatvamasi group, the exhibition of photos of Eastreet 2, the KD Gallery, and the residence of the artist filmmakers (Armenians, Poles and French), who for months have documented immigrants from the Caucasus and their integration in the region of Nancy …. The movies are, which will show the fate of Caucasians immigrants , are eagerly awaited.

Gallery 379 hosts for two weeks’ the viewpoints of the photographers. Three of them are natives or inhabitants of the region, while the other three are travelers.


The exhibition presents six photographers:


Harald Schluttig with his portraits, two years later in the same market of “spice market in Gyumri, Armenia”.
Angela Chick with her portraits Triptych “gyumretsi” (people of Gyumri) during her trip to Armenia in 2009.
Giorgi Dadiani, with the series of photographs of the “08:08:08”, following the war in Georgia against Russia in 2008.
Sylvain Raybaud, who in 2013 made a trip of several months to Armenia, passing by other countries such as Turkey and Georgia.
Erhan Arik, with photos showing the two sides of the Turkish-Armenian border.
Arman Tadevosyan with six landscapes of his hometown Gyumri, Armenia.

Nancy, October  18th October 2014, Emmanuelle Costet.

5. September 2014

Concert Tatvamasi

tatvamasi affiche 3 tatvamasi flyer1 tatvamasi flyer2

Concert Tatvamasi

Le nom de cette formation musicale plonge ses racines dans l’hindouisme et décrit les relations de l’être humain à l’absolu… On peut en effet retrouver le sens de cette recherche dans la musique de ces quatre musiciens de Lublin (Pologne).
Leur répertoire qui allie improvisations de jazz à des formes de rock très rythmique, surprend, et nous transporte dans une autre dimension. Une musique fraîche, pleine de couleurs, qui nous entraîne dans son sillage.
Concert présenté dans le cadre du projet « Transkaukazja 2014 » avec le partenariat de la Ville de Lublin (Pologne), et de la MJC Desforges (Nancy).


 Horaires / Lieux : Vendredi 5 septembre à 19h à la MJC Desforges – Auditorium Michel Pierson, 27 rue de la République, Nancy – Entrée 6€

1. September 2014

Viktar Dashuk – Our Special “Transkaukazja” guest from Belorussia

Screening of Vikar’s film ” Temptation” in frame of Transkaukazja special selection of films.


Réalisateur : Viktar Dashuk
Pays d’origine : Biélorussie
Langue : Russe
Sous-titres : Français
Durée : 83
Genre : Documentaire


Synopsis français
English summary
Lorsque le documentariste Viktar Dashuk tombe malade, il n’arrive pas à choisir : mourir avec dignité ou combattre Enfin il décide de faire un film sur lui-même pour assurer sa propre immortalité à travers l’art. Un thème important dans sa pièce personnelle est son pays d’origine : la BiélorussieAvec des images d’archives du pays et des enregistrements plus récents, il montre la situation politique dans le pays.
When the elderly documentarian Viktar Dashuk becomes ill, he can’t decide : should he die with dignity or go out with a fight ? Finally he decides to make a film about himself, to ensure his own immortality through art. An important theme in Dashuk’s personal piece is his home country. With black-and-white archive footage and more recent recordings he shows the political unrest taking place there.


Horaires / Lieux : Jeudi 4 septembre – 18h30 au CIL – 9 rue Maréchal Ney (Nancy)


Viktor Dashuk is a Belarusian film director. He holds a degree in journalism from the University of Minsk. Dashuk worked as a director of documentaries and fiction films, but also as cameraman, writer, journalist and photographer. He shot hundreds of documentaries I’m from the burned village, The war doesn’t have a woman face, Belarusian Decameron). Professor at the Academy of Fine Arts of Belarus, he worked then for “Belarusfilm Studios”.

Special Transkaukazja film screenings in frame of 20th edition on Nancy International Film Festival

Long métrages Transkaukazja


Keep smiling

Réalisateur : Rusudan Chkonia
Pays d’origine : Géorgie/France/Luxembourg
Sous-titres : Français
Durée :1h31
Genre :  Comédie dramatique
In Tbilissi, the georgian TV organizes a competition for elect the “Best Mother of the year”. The winner will receive a flat and 25 000 dollars. Ten mothers will face each others and do averything to don’t threw their chance away to access to a better life. All is fair. Only one single rule: keep smiling.


I’m going to change my name

Réalisateur : Maria Saakyan
Pays d’origine : Arménie
Sous-titres : Français
Durée : 1h43
Genre : Fiction
Evridika, 14, lives with her mother Sona in the little town of Alaverdi. Her daylife, flirting with an unknown father’ suicide, is going to be light up by the meeting of Pyotr, an old love story of her mother that will awake a sensibility she thoughts was long gone.
Biographie du réalisateur : Maria Saakyan, réalisatrice arménienne, est l’auteur d’une séries de films sur la Seconde Guerre Mondiale. Elle travaille principalement sur des projets parlant de la vie des Arméniens.
Horaires / Lieux : Projection le jeudi 4 septembre en plein air à 21h15 et le vendredi 5 septembre au CAMEO à 18h, 16 rue de la Commanderie (Nancy)


Journey to Anatolia

Réalisateur : Marc Sinan
Pays d’origine : Allemagne
Sous-titres : Français
Durée : 1h
Genre : Documentaire
A musical journey looking for a cultural identity. The composer Marc Sinan has gone for a journey from the Balck sea to the boarders of Armenia. On his way he has looked for traditional music’s masters and has filmed them.
Horaires / Lieux : Mardi 2 septembre – 16h30 au Conservatoire de musique (salle Ravel)


La vie là bas, ailleurs (Voyage en Arménie)

Réalisateur : Manuel Heidenreich
Pays d’origine : France
Durée : 1h50
Genre : Fiction
A young man decides to go on a journey to India. Alone in its van, he covers thousands of kilometers. Some meetings happen in its universes without ever taking away his loneliness. Its own relation to the world is upset as is his destiny. He’ll find out the price of freedom and the unknown of tomorrows.
Biographie du réalisateur : Réalisateur autodidacte, Manuel Heidenreich s’inspire de ses études d’architecture pour offrir de nouvelles perspectives au cinéma d’auteur. Il allie intimité et grands espaces en entraînant le spectateur sur la route de voyages aux horizons multiples. C’est accompagné de Sylvain Raybaud et de Pierre Bedouet qu’il réalisé “Voyage en Arménie”.
Horaires / Lieux : Projection le lundi 1er septembre à 16h30 au Conservatoire

Réalisateur : Mikayel Vatinyan
Pays d’origine : Arménie
Sous-titres : Français
Durée : 1h07
Genre : Fiction
Post war reality. Joan starts a journey traveling all over Armenia. Through the authentic nature, the people she meets on her way, the voices and sounds she listens to, Joan finds herself longing to perceive the world anew. While she is looking for the person whose voice had called her to him…  The film is inspired by the history of Joan of Arc.
Biographie du réalisateur : Mikayel Vatinyan est un réalisateur qui a longtemps travaillé dans le domaine de l’expérimental. Il a travaillé comme acteur et réalisateur sur une série de film appelé “No-Film”.
Horaires / Lieux : Jeudi 4 septembre – 16h30 au Conservatoire de musique (salle Ravel)

Sélection spéciale de courts métrages

Lettre à Péléchian

Réalisateur : Serge Avédikian
Pays d’origine : France
Durée : 8’07
The Armenian filmmaker Artavazd Péléchian was unknown in Europe for a long time. Nowadays thanks to his so original and disturbing movies, he is considered as a true myth and one of the secrets of the contemporary cinema. Serge Avédikian knows well Péléchian and writes him a lettеr…

Réalisateur : Sergey Pikalov
Pays d’origine : Azerbaidjan / Russie
Durée : 15′
Genre : Fiction
Sonuncu tells the story of the last fighter of World War II in Azerbaïdjan. He lives a retired life in a little house in the countryside. For only companion he owns an old roaring fridge.
Horaires / Lieux :Mardi 2 septembre à 18h45 à l’IECA et le jeudi 4 septembre à 14h15 au CIL

Réalisateur : Houshamadyan & Silvina Der-Meguerditchian
Pays d’origine : Allemagne
Durée : 17′
This is a serie of short movies realised with a documentary material (historical pictures, animation techniques, a footage of the 30ies).
Horaires / Lieux :Mardi 2 septembre à 18h45 à l’IECA et le jeudi 4 septembre à 14h15 au CIL

Réalisateur: Hrant Vardanyan
Pays d’origine: Arménie
Durée: 14
This is a story that begins like a stupid and absurd joke – a look of the world throught a lamb’s eyes – underlining philosophical thoughts about the meaning of life, loyalty, friendship, love and betrayal. Who are we  ? Human beings or a mute herd ? How do we treat the others and ourselves ? How do we place us on a pedestal and how do we worship ourselves?
Horaires / Lieux :Mardi 2 septembre à 18h45 à l’IECA et le jeudi 4 septembre à 14h15 au CIL

Réalisateur : Mikayel Vatinyan
Pays d’origine : Arménie
Durée : 14’18
Genre : Animation
Bojo, a little bear, lives alone in his house. One day, a strong wind brings him out of the window and he is the witness of the end of a love story. 
Horaires / Lieux :Mardi 2 septembre à 18h45 à l’IECA et le jeudi 4 septembre à 14h15 au CIL

Réalisateur : Mariam Khatchvani
Pays d’origine : Géorgie
Langue : Géorgien
Sous-titres : Français/Anglais
Durée : 14’45
Genre : Fiction
A woman breaks the strict laws of the mountains and chooses a love marriage against her family’s will. Just when she is at the top of the world, her beloved husband dies. She is forced to marry the first man who asks for her hand and leave her child.
Horaires / Lieux : Projection le dimanche 31 août à 16h30 au CIL, le mardi 2 septembre à 16h30 à l’IECA et le vendredi 5 septembre à 16h30 au CIL


International Mail Art Project “Cleaning rag”
WORLDWIDEWORK – international photographers
Dance of Death – in the gallery “Einnehmerhaus” in Freital
Poster Project “EXERCISES WITH STONES” in ALTE BÄCKEREI/Old Bakery Grosshennersdorf – PART TWO
An Intermezzo – The Poster Exhibition “Exercises with Stones” on the Granite Day in Demitz-Thumitz
Patterns of Work – International Poster Project
Poster Project “EXERCISES WITH STONES” in ALTE BÄCKEREI Grosshennersdorf
Johannes Bobrowski – A poet of the Sarmatian landscape – A Lithunian-Russian-German ART Project – Exhibition and Vernissage in Dresden Galerie nEUROPA
Exercises with Stones – International Poster Project First Step
Plastic All Over The World – Poster Project – Seventh Step – Grosshennersdorf
ANRANDUNGEN II – Melodies of a landscape – Exhibition Gallery nEUROPA
LAUSKE ART FESTIVAL 2017 on tour with Orange Dwarfs
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Plastic All Over The World – Poster Project Fourth Step – Gallery Alte Feuerwache Loschwitz Dresden
German-Czech Photography Symposium “Melodies of a Landscape”
4. Lauske Art Festival
Unity and Splitting – Objects, Photographs and Mail Art
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3. Lauske Art Festival
2. Lauske ART Festival
Transkaukazja: Department Walk IV in Germany
Transkaukazja: “Border – Key – nEUROPA” land art at the Neisse river!

Exercises with Stones – Sixth Step – Kyoto – FUKUJYUSOU is a gallery & guest house
International Poster Project “Exercises with Stones” – Fourth Step – Kyoto Japan Art Spot Korin
Plastic All Over The World – Sixth step ART SPOT KORIn Kyoto – Japan

Exercises with Stones – Hamr/Czech Republic – Photographies by Tilo Schwalbe after an inspection
Gruppa Karl-Marx-Stadt (Ru/D) at United Islands of Prag June 2017
Exercises with Stones – International Poster Project Second Step – Hamr/Czech Republic – Photographies by Tilo Schwalbe
Ten fragments – Short cuts – Die Schöberlinie Mai 2018 created by Iaroslav Pobezhan
Between the bunkers at the Schöber – Line New Pics by Eva Pacalova and Josef Malek
Schöberline/Bunker Exhibition news
Schöberlinie | Bunker exhibitions
Exercises with Stones – International Poster Project Second Step
Theresienstadt / Terezin

International Poster Project “Exercises with Stones” – Fifth Step – Annaberg-Buchholz Germany Gallery Kunstkeller Annaberg
Johannes Bobrowski – A poet of the Sarmatian landscape – A Lithunian-Russian-German ART Project – Exhibition and Vernissage in Annaberg-Buchholz Galerie Kunstkeller
SARDH:UNORT at the WGT 2018 Leipzig
SARDH: UNORT at the Wave-Gothic-Festival in Leipzig 2018
Gallery nEUROPA – Poster Project “Exercises with stones”
Gallery nEUROPA artists from Belarus Ales Pushkin and Janak Kouzel on the Ostrale 2017
Gallery nEUROPA – Dima Petryna “Sense of touch …” in cooperation with OSTRALE 2017
Gallery nEUROPA – Yuri Mechitov (Georgia) “farewell to the past” in cooperation with OSTRALE 2017
Plastic All Over The World – Poster Project Fifth Step – Kunstkeller Annaberg
Music from Ústí on the Christmas market in Pirna!
Region Usti in Pirna – the Artists!
Region Ustí part of Pragomania and Czech-German Culture Days!
Region Ustí – a European region to experience!
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Open Call: Participation in Transkaukazja 2015 Germany
URD – The secret library
I want my fur back
Creative initiatives demand: Freedom for the Wroclaw dwarfs imprisoned in Dresden!
programme Club nEUROPA 26.-28.09.2014!
Show Europe – Show Belarus Activities in Germany
Karabach brennt – Trash Eastern Film
Train of Freedom 1989 – Film
Shutka – Helmut Zuber’s world
10 meters of Metz – presentation with Aleksey Manukyan in Dresden
Activation of www.radio-neuropa.net 2014/05/06!
Transkaukazja@Galerie NEUE OSTEN: opening event “Aserbaidschan”
Transkaukazja@Festival: audio-visual shows at LUSTGARTEN Festival 2013
Transkaukazja: opening event “Woman_looking from”
Transkaukazja: “Woman_looking from” artist in residence with focus on gender inequality
Camera nEUROPA I: “What means Germany to me”

Exercises with Stones – International Poster Project Third Step – Galerie Koridor Usti nad Labem
pARTisanen 6: initial release in Municipal Museum in Ústí nad Labem!
Nad Krajinami+Anrandungen Exhibition Usti nad Labem Cinema Hranciar
Königsmühle (Králův Mlyn) – Land-And-Art-Festival 2015

Johannes Bobrowski – A poet of the Sarmatian landscape – A Lithunian-Russian-German ART Project – Exhibition and Vernissage in Garazhnaja 2 Book Club Katharsis in Königsberg/Kaliningrad Russia
Johannes Bobrowski – A poet of the Sarmatian landscape – A Lithunian-Russian-German ART Project

Johannes Bobrowski – A poet of the Sarmatian landscape – A Lithunian-Russian-German ART Project – Exhibition in Willkischken/Vilkyskiai – Lithunia

Without Borders, Mugarik Gabe, Sin fronteras – Photographie-Ausstellung in Pamplona, Navarra, Spanien – Galerie ContraLuz

INTEGRA – Music Factory – Dresden und Kamjanez-Podilskyj (Ukraine) June-September 2017
News – Mail Art Project “Unity and Splitting” and “Insurrection of Dwarfs” Ukraine and Armenia
News – MailArtProject: Insurrection of the Dwarfs



re_form outlet OSTRALE 2017 on Porto Franko Festival Ivano-Frankivsk/Ukraine
Funeral of Ivano-Frankivsk Centre of Contemporary Arts 08/08/2016 – Protest
On The Verge Of The Myth – International Art Project Gallery Margenessi Ivano-Frankivsk
Poster Project “Plastic All Over The World” & Mail Art Projects “Insurrection Of The Dwarfs” & “Unity and Splitting” in Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine
Transformed Moments Of Origin Part III in Ternopil Ukraine
Transformed Moments of Origin – Exhibition in Ukraine and Inauguration of the First Orange Dwarf Monument

Follow the Signs- Urban Spaces in the East – Art Space Flipside Eindhoven / Netherlands
International Poster Project – Plastic All Over The World – Netherlands/Eindhoven – Third Step

7. 9. 2016 – wot 0 do 24 hodź. w parku we łusku (wóspork) štwórty-łusčansky-wuměłstwowy-festiwal ćernje
20160709 fourth-lauske-art-festival 0:00/24:00 Thorns
Application for Transkaukazja 2015: “My prison break”
Application for Transkaukazja 2015: “Parda – caucasian art project by Gohar Martirosyan”
One Caucasus Festival 2014: impressions
Show Europe – Show Belarus. Activities in Belarus.
The Shadows Of Our Forgotten Ancestors

Humans of Tserakvi: Face of a small Georgian village (photo, video)
HUMANS OF TSERAKVI: Face of a small Georgian village
One Caucasian trip: festival and adventures of Kultur Aktiv EVS-volunteers

Armenian Fragments – film by Holger Wendland
Linking Bridges – Building Networks: open Armenia with the Erasmus+ project

The Germans did not come

A German brewer tasting Belarusian beer

Application for Transkaukazja 2015: “Born in 1991”
Application for Transkaukazja 2015: “World without tolerance”
Kultur Aktiv presented in Azerbaijan, 2013/03/05

Application for Transkaukazja 2015: “Feast of balance”

Application for Transkaukazja 2015: “Locked space”

Application for Transkaukazja 2015: “Questions in Life/Art as a key to Freedom”
Armenian Pavilion at One Caucasus Festival
Shavparosnebi – Georgian Martial Arts Federation at One Caucasus Festival
Pansodan Gallery Embassy at One Caucasus Festival
One Caucasus Festival 2014

Application for Transkaukazja 2015: “Pink Box”

Social Museum
Exhibition “EAT – Graffiti fight”
Department Walk 5

just went away

MIGRANTS – Class struggle and lack thereof

Transkaukazja in Portugal

Rock 4 Bosnia – A Journey to the Una River

“Train of Freedom” – Broadcast of the documentary on 23/11/2014

Paradjanov (2013/FR,UA,GE,AM)

King Lado’s Autobiography Movies ‘Mentality Revolution’ Third Movie ‘Factory 1993’

Radio nEUROPA @ CAE Beyond the obvious, 9th – 12th of October, Newcastle, UK

Viktar Dashuk – Our Special “Transkaukazja” guest from Belorussia
Special Transkaukazja film screenings in frame of 20th edition on Nancy International Film Festival
Transkaukajza 2014 in Nancy – Exhibition Eastreet
Transkaukazija 2014 as part of the 20th edition of the International Film Festival of Nancy Traces Caucasian in Europe

10 meters of Nancy – Aleksey Manukyan Film

Vertovsim – 19 Žvyriai At the river
Vertovism – 25 soccer field, lawn machine

Vertovism – 18 Nha Trang Brewery

Vertovism – 16 Sächsischer Dampfmaschinenverein
Vertovism – 17 Workshop
Radio nEUROPA Broadcast Focus Czech Republic Part 2 – 06.10.2014
Wollongong – Independent Rock Prague rec. 2001
Radio nEUROPA Broadcast Focus Czech Republic

Vertovism – 15 Dresden Train toilet
Vertovism – 06 Dresden Ceramics/Stone Restoration Workshop

Vertovism – 14 Hulst Hot wheels wheeling hot

Vertovism – 13 Amait museum building, construction site, orchestra

Vertovism – 12 Güstro Schlosserei

Vertovism – 11 Münster Massenspektrometrie

Vertovism – 10 Ciney Bahnhof

Vertovism – 08 & 09 Kaliningrad Maschinen
Vertovism – 24 Port Königsberg

Vertovism – 07 Ljubljana goldsmith and silversmith

Vertovism – 05 Palanga eigene Collage, Oil Terminal

Vertovism – 04 Steiermark Café noises
Vertovism – 03 Krumegg Cutting heads out of felt mats

Vertovism – 02 Novosibirsk Drilling, air pump

Vertovism – 28 Urushi Master (handcraft)

Vertovism – 27 Market research, everyday office life
Vertovsim – 20 Steelworks
schwartzegeist Sadiq Bey – Sun Ra Tribute: citing the space factor (feat. MFA Kera)
Kurt Schwitters (1887-1948) – Ursonate – Rondo – performed by Ernst Schwitters
Walter Ruttmann (1887-1941) – Weekend
The Green Man – Mesapotamia
The Green Man – minus – as – opposition ft. trane
The Green Man – King Kong

Vertovism – 26 ruber roid

Vertovism – 23 Krakow Machine noises
Projekt Karpaty Magiczne / Magic Carpathians: Brown Session by Atman and Alma Yoray

Vertovism – 22 Coca Cola Work

Vertovism – 21 Hanoi coffee factory

Vertovism – 01 Gyumri Water
Tigran Hamasyan – Shadow Theater (Album)
Live Rock Concert Vanadzor/Armenia 10. December 2003 various artists
HAY TGHEQ – Armenian Rap
Bambir – Armenian Rock Music
Bambir – 25 Years Old
Vanadzor Jazz Band – Armenian Jazz
MDP LIVE manic depression – Armenian Rock Music
SARD – LIVE IN STUDIO – Armenian Rockmusic
Don’t call it unplugged – Acoustic Folk from Armenia
The King’s Cross – “A Cross from the Kings” Armenian Rockmusik
Traditional folk music from Armenia – Muradian
Gor Melkumyan, Trumpet “Oriental Picture” by Yuri Balyan
Gayane Khachatryan, Cello “Aria” by Arno Babajanian
Trio YerazArt plays Komitas – Al Ayloughs
Yeghniki Pes Tsur Mi ashe – Hovhannes Aleksanyan (Voice)
Anahit Dilbaryan, Kanoon – Sevan Fisherman’s Dance
Anahit Dilbaryan, Piano Toccata Kchachaturian
Armenian Folk Song – Harutyan Chkolyan, Duduk “A Cool Wind is Blowing”
El Kony “touch your mind” Armenian Independent Electronic Music
Armenian Divine Liturgy – Komitas by Hover Choir
Radio nEUROPA Broadcast Focus Armenia

Stone Flute Concert by Matthias Jackisch – Bobrowski Concert – Church of Willkischken/Vilkyškiai – Lithunia

Radio nEuropa Podcast – April 2017
Radio nEuropa Podcast – März 2017
Radio nEuropa Podcast – Februar 2017
Radio nEuropa Podcast – Dezember 2016
Radio nEuropa Podcast – November
Radio nEUROPA Broadcast Oktober_October
Radio nEUROPA Broadcast 2016 May_Mai
“Imatsir” Hovhannes Aleksanyan, Voice, by Hayrik Ghazaryan
Chan Wai Fat: Children of Soul Mountain (original soundtrack)
The Flute – Various historical kinds from different countries – Look at tracklist

Radio nEUROPA Broadcast 2016 August_August
Radio nEUROPA 2016 Broadcast Juli_July
Radio nEUROPA Broadcast 2016 June_Juni
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Radio nEUROPA Broadcast Best Of
Anrandungen: German-Chech art project
Radio nEUROPA Broadcast European Week Special 04.05.2015
Radio nEUROPA Broadcast Bandpool Special 02.03.2015
THE ANCIENT GALLERY – “Kopfdelay” rec. 2002
Carlfriedrich Claus – Bewusstseinstätigung im Schlaf (1986)
Protected: Sadiq Bey at Morphic Lab VI in Dresden 2007
Rumpelkopf Klabautermann – tobenderrumpelkopf – the frame of the possibilities
Rumpelkopf Klabautermann – Dance the burning mountain
Steindrey – Matthias Jackisch, Carla Schwiegk, Hendrik Weiland
Radioplay – Wenn die Signale frei werden
Stone And Flute – A Matthias Jackisch Feature
Jingle – Radio nEUROPA

Radio nEUROPA Broadcast Focus Russia Far East 02.02.2015

Radio nEUROPA Broadcast Focus Macedonia 01.12.2014
Maliot Radio Orchestar Skopje, Macedonia – Macedonski Narodni Ora
Macedonian Folk Music
Pin Music Conference Taksirat – Kultur Aktiv e.V. “Music without Borders”
Projekt 2015 – Independent Music from Macedonia

Radio nEUROPA Broadcast Focus Georgia – 03.11.2014
King Lado – Light Up My Bright Star
H2SO4 Group – Dada from Tiflis – Voice – Ernest Peshkov
Georgian State Folk Song and Dance Ensemble
Nina’s Dimension – Disturbed Believe – Metal from Georgia
Im Nebel – A black metal band from Tbilisi, Georgia
Scratch the Floor – Alternative / Nu Metal Band from Tbilsi, Georgia
Independent Georgian Music – Young Georgian Lolitas

OKO • KONA (pagan songs from North Ossetia)
The Song of Dzeranti Lavrent – Ossetian Ensemble – Film by Yan Yugay
Svan funeral song – Svanetia in the high caucasian region

Jericho – Nento i ftohte – Video by Pinkmoon – Rock from Kosovo
TROJA – Mretnesha Kohë – Rock from Kosovo
Albulena Jashari – Natën e mirë – Rock from Kosovo
Nora Istrefi – Ft Vig Poppa – Big Love (Lyrics) – Rock from Kosovo
Diadema – Jakup Ferri – Dark Rock from Kosovo
Radio nEUROPA Broadcast Focus Kosovo 07.07.14

Interview with VOŁOSI band at One Caucasus festival 2014

Dakha Brakha – Karpatian Rap

Erik and The Worldly Savages – The Asylum
Kosta Šarćanski-Koča – Bačvansko Kolo – rec. 1930 Backpipe Serbian Gajde
Arnautka by Steva Nikolic – Serbia rare recording 1927

DODE – Le serpent qui danse

Concert Tatvamasi

Sibyl Vane “Love, Holy Water and TV” singles

Radio nEUROPA Broadcast Focus Lithuania 05.05.14
Chtin Mara: Madhouse Blues
Mons Jacet: Chronicles Of Anarcho Punk Kid + Mons Jacet: Winter to Spring

Artur Klinau – Radiofeature Minsk
Radio nEUROPA – Focus Belarus Broadcast Coloradio
The Burner – Memorandum Hardcore from Minsk – Belarus 2014
The Blackmail – Seasickness EP 2014 Rock from Belarus
Radio Svaboda – Minsk, Belarus – Songs 2006
Sub Rosa Dictum – Grunge from Belarus
Radio Svaboda – Minsk Belarus
Minskmania – Punkrock from Belarus
Gurzuf – Finest Rock Duo from Belarus
Gurzuf “Non – existent Movie” finest Rock Music from Belarus

Elmughani Maalim Shaban – Unguja, Pt. 1

NEW DEAL – Demo – Metal from Poland – Demo Tape
Radio nEUROPA Broadcast Focus Poland

Brahim Fribgane: Live at WFMU’s Transpacific Sound Paradise, 6/6/2009

Chie Mukai: Live on WFMU’s Miniature Minotaurs with Kurt Gottschalk 12/1/10

Namgar – Live on WFMU’s Transpacific Sound Paradise 1/9/2010

Alash Ensemble: Live at WFMU on Irene Trudel’s Show on November 14, 2011 + Live on WFMU’s Transpacific Sound Paradise on 7/24/09
Huun Huur Tu from Tuva Republic – Live on WFMU’s Transpacific Sound Paradise, Jan 22, 2011

Ma Ei Moe – “Thai Rhyme With Sound” – Myanmar

keji al feju: the house of wah sun wah

Marina Zwetajewa (1893-1941) – Poem spoken by Ilja Ehrenburg
Poem, Voice by Boris Pasternak (1890-1960)
“The Muse”, 1924 Poem spoken by Anna Achmatowa
Gypsy Girl – spoken by Ossip Mandelstam
Asia Woman On The Telephone – IVAN (euro edition)
Asian Women On The Telephone – SPA

Azevedo Silva: Clarabóia

Ofir Klemperer: hey you, come here

Felipe V. Rivera y su Orquesta Típica Boliviana, with Maria F. Sivila and Faustino J. Ventura – Caminito a Yavi

dmyra: Sophisticated Women of Danger

Abdel Latif El-Banna – Alfouad Min Yom Chafek, Pts 1 & 2 Egypt rec. 1925

Mm Le Guennec et Le Bouc – The Breton bagpipe rec. 1927

r.y.f.: some years ago but now – Francesca Morello Soloproject

Walt Thisney: Commodify Your Dissent + Walt Thisney: Mpire of Desire

Vysehrad: No Signal 3:50
Stealing Orchestra: and Rafael Dionísio – Uma Desgraça Nunca Vem Só
G.G. Allin’s Dick – Grandes Éxitos – Portugal – Independent Music
G.G. Allin’s Dick: King of the Road – Portugal – Independent Music
G.G. Allin’s Dick – Groovy Tunes for Old Ladies – Portugal Independent Music

Dziga Vertov – Soundtrack – Excerpt 10 rec. 1930
Dziga Vertov – Soundtrack – Excerpt 9 rec. 1930
Dziga Vertov – Soundtrack – Excerpt 8 rec. 1930
Dziga Vertov – Soundtrack – Excerpt 7 rec. 1930
Dziga Vertov – Soundtrack – Excerpt 6 rec. 1930
Dziga Vertov – Soundtrack – Excerpt 5 rec. 1930
Dziga Vertov – Soundtrack – Excerpt 4 rec. 1930
Dziga Vertov – Soundtrack – Excerpt 3 rec. 1930
Dziga Vertov – Soundtrack – Excerpt 2 rec. 1930
Dziga Vertov – Soundtrack – Excerpt 1 rec. 1930

Rozsa: Live at the 2013 Golden Festival

Gendér Wajang of Kuta – Pemungkah – Bali Gamelan Music rec. 1928

Rapioen – Tandjoeng Sani Western Sumatra Trad. rec. 1939

Jianhong He – Chinese Opera

Akech Oyoshi with Odongo Elly – Oyoshi Kitegi Timne

Xin Tian Cai Ban – Zhan Wei Hu, Pt. 1

Melissa Laveaux: Live on WFMU’s 100% Whatever with Mary Wing – December 12, 2013

Janne Nummela: Movements

adriano orrù: palimpsest

The New Mystikal Troubadours: LA Rock

DADALU – Daniela Dadalu

Angus C. MacLeod – Puirt-A-Beul – Scotland

James Morrison – The Lark In The Morning The Wandering Minstrel

Jari Pitkänen: Sirin – Ambient Finland

Koliadnyky of Kryvorivnia – Live on Airborne Event with Dan Bodah 12/24/12
Huzul’s Folk Music by Mikolja Iljuk Slivschukiv

čopor – Rastanak

Hayvanlar Alemi – Visions of a Psychedelic Ankara

The Freak Fandango Orchestra: Wild Goats and Useless Heroes

Pietnastka – Dalia
Franciszek Dukla Wiejska Banda – Nikto to nam niemo ze

Konsumprodukt: Rumbero elegante

Émilie Simon: Live on WFMU’s Dark Night of the Soul with Julie – June 19, 2014 from Free Music Archive
Opéra Mort: Le Tour de L’Oubli – France/Paris

Hogan Grip: Hogan Grip – Stance Gives You Balance Galway/Ireland

Hamida Rokhshana – Washlidah – Afghan – Rubab rec. 1959 by Melodia CCCP

Perkalabski Pridatki – Weselix Swjat
EDA – Icedrift Ukrainian PsyDub from Ivano Frankivsk
Perkalabski Pridatki – MAYscheNAschiwo – – Independent Cross Over Ivano-Frankivsk Ukraine
Radio nEUROPA – Special Talk with Nick Dzychka Ukraine

Ajdin Asllan – Valle Devollice rec. 1930? an Albanian Master in NYC
Mahanojaus Lietuviška Mainerių Orkestra – Storo Yono – a polka by a lithuanian band rec. 1928
Įdainavo Karalienes Aniolu Parapijos Choras from Brooklyn – Loja Šunes Ant Kiemo – Lithuania Folk song rec. 1917
A. Kevorkian – Gigo rec. 1929 trad. Armenian Music
Pawel Humeniok – an ukrainian master fiddler – traditional recording in US Ukrainska Orchestra Pawla Humeniuka – Kozak-Trepak
Samuel Pilip, John Karliak, i ich Lemkiwska Orchestra – Lemkiwsky Sztayer, Taneć – Music of the UkrainianLemken

Anas Shoqar – Abkhaz Music

Tenghri – Azerbaijan Rock – Qafqaz and Naked Fishermann and Wrong Past
Sirr – Ömür ( Azerbaijan rock)
Madagascar Flashmob by DJ AKG Azerbaijan, Baku
Islam Yusufov – Song about Stalin
Radio nEUROPA Broadcast Focus Azerbaijan

Carl-Eric Berndt and Richard Isacson – Svingedans; Polska – Sweden

Signe Flatin – Skuldalsbruri – West Norway – Hardanger Fiddle – rec. 1934

Rezagholi Mirza Zelli and Moshir Homayoon – Hesar Mokhalef – classical radif rec. 1933

Set Badria Anwar – Rah Wilfy – Iraq trad. song rec. 1928
Abdul-Wahad Ahmad – Qoyrat (Beshiri)

Kunai-sho gakubu – Koromogo-e – Japanese Gakaku trad. court of music rec. 1929
Shimizu Itoko – Yasugi Bushi – Japan rec. 1922

The Yiwangjik A-Ak Society of Chosun – Ritual Music Botaepyeong (Orchestral) Heemun Korea

Unknown Laotian Group – Lao-tenh

Phuoc Cuong and unknown – Khoc Huang Thien – Vietnam – rec. 1928
unknown singer – Tân-Thình – Chung-Vô-Diệm, Pts. 1 and 2 Vietnam rec. 1930

Tamburacı Osman Pehlivan – Anadolu Kaşık Havası – turkish anatolian tanbur music rec. 1928
Emin Efendi – Hale Makame – Turkish Zurna Music rec. 1930

Kemanî Amâ Recep – Çiftetelli Taksim – the blind master fiddler rec. 1939
Shekar Hanim – Tchakidji – Turkish Song rec. 1910
Levon Hampartzoumian – Armenian patriotic, revolutionary song.

Chahadé Saadé (oud player)– Samaii Hijaz Kar Kurdi – Lebanon rec. 1926

Eustratios Kalogeridis – Kondylies Anamiktes me Askomadoura trad. Cretan Roots Music

Gergana Tsekova – Kako Todoike, Todoike – bulgarian trad. folk song
Karlo Ensemble – Lukovitsko Horo trad. bulgarian Roma Brass Music

Mohamed Effendi El-Achek from Damaskus – Bouchraka Ya Kalbi rec. 1908 in Beirut

Ba Stakhanov (Tajikistan) by Rena Galibova

Pachač a Juskanič Slovenská Orkestra – Žnivarský Čardáš, Čast 1

Pono de me lypasai – rec.1937, Kostas Skarvelis gtr., Jiorgos Kavouras vcl., Spyros Peristeris bzk

Kostas Gadini – Aebali Clarinet Master from West Macedonia Greece

Parush Parushev – Nazko – trad. bulgarian street music with harmonium from Plowdiw rec. 1929

Sgrehua Mahmudi – Z. Kjuj Pora Fieri – Trad. Albanian Tosk Music rec. 1928

Zhusupbek Elebekov – Adaskak – Traditional Kazakh Folk Singer and Dombra Player

Super Onze S6 Takamba Gao AFCP

Komiljon Otaniyozov and I. Abdullaev – Yashi – Uzbekistan

SNAILS – NU-MI PASA Fresh Rock from Moldowa

Radio nEUROPA Broadcast Focus Nagorny Karabakh

Radio nEUROPA Broadcast Focus Ukraine

Radio nEUROPA – Special Talk with Lena Kruglova from Simferopol Crimea

Radio nEUROPA Broadcast Focus Russia

Transkaukazja 2014 – in Gallery 379

Yuri Mechitov Discovery of the Orange Dwarfs in Dresden
Gallery Neue Osten – “MACEDONIAN PHOTO CLUB” 2013
Galerie NEUE OSTEN – “MELTING POT Berlin/Minsk/Moskau” 2013
Gallery Neue Osten – EXPECTATIONS – Pictures from the land of Hutsuls
Gallery Neue Osten – Georgien 2012 – The sum of the separate parts
Ghosts-history is always now

Ibiza, Cap del Falco: Floatsam Plastic World by Holger Wendland

1. LAUSKE ARTFESTIVAL 2013: photos

Gallery Neue Osten – Azerbaijan 2013
Gallery Neue Osten 2012 – Movements
Gallery Neue Osten 2011 Belarus – Belaplus
Gallery Neue Osten 2011 – Transit