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2. July 2014

Mm Le Guennec et Le Bouc – The Breton bagpipe rec. 1927

The Breton bagpipe.

If you haven’t heard Brittany bagpipe music, you’re in for a treat. It’s different from others simply because the older, small-in-scale Breton pipes, known as the binioù (or the binioù kozh), are tuned very high - the lowest note on the binioù is equal to the highest note on the typical Scottish bagpipe, for instance. As with this piece, a gavotte meant for folk dancing, the pipes are typically accompanied by a bombarde, an oboe-like reed instrument tuned an octave below the binioù. The two play together in the traditional style, overlapping musical lines.

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Mm Le Guennec et Le Bouc – The Breton bagpipe rec. 1927

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